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I am the crochet designer behind Crochetlovemelbourne and as you can see, I don’t really like to show my face that much online, but in real life I am a friendly person, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my free or paid patterns !

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my family and I work full time as well as working on this passion project of crochet designing. It all started when I started a little Instagram account in 2017 to share the photos of my crochet creations as I thought it would be boring for my family and friends to see them all the time.

I discovered the online Instagram crochet community and made lots of virtual friends far and wide, which gradually led me to start designing both the free patterns you can find on this website and also the paid patterns you can find in my etsy, Ravelry, Lovecrafts and Pay hip pattern stores.

These days I am working hard to improve my patterns, I try to get them all tech edited and tested to make them clearer for you, although I occasionally sneak in a quick and dirty free pattern over here on the blog.

Since I started the little Instagram account I have had collaborations with a number of yarn companies such as, Hobbii, Yarn and Colours, Sirdar, Lincraft, Bendigo Woollen Mills and KPC Yarns to name a few.

Recently I have also been designing patterns for our local Australian craft store Lincraft as well as a design for Crochet Society. I am open to collaborations, so let me know if you wish to work with me.

I hope you enjoy my little blog, I am literally learning how to do it every step of the way, so also let me know if you think anything needs improvement, I would love your feedback !

Best wishes

Fran Mori