Beginner Crochet : Bathmat pattern

 This super easy and beginner crochet bathmat pattern is designed for beginner crocheters! Use up any t-shirt yarn, spaghetti yarn or cotton/ acrylic chunky yarn to make this useful bath mat. You can make it in no time and use it every day. It washes easily if made in acrylic or cotton/acrylic.

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An ad-free PDF file with step by step photos for this pattern is available HERE




st  stitch

ch chain

dc double crochet

hdc half double crochet

sc  single crochet


T-shirt yarn  approx 350 grams in 3 colors

C1 = color 1 /C2 = color 2 /C3 = color 3

5.5 mm crochet hook ( this type of yarn says to use a 10 mm to 12 mm hook, I used this smaller hook as  I wanted a very tight tension, but feel free to use a larger hook, your mat will just be larger!)


Tapestry needle



Paintbox Yarns recycled ribbon or t-shirt yarn (Lovecrafts UK/Europe)

Hoooked Spaghetti cotton yarn ( worldwide)

Hobbii Bungee yarn (worldwide)

Lincraft Makr Spaghetti yarn

Spotlight Birch Caviana or Ayanna chunky cotton blend yarn (Australia)


Hdc = 4” x 4” =  12 sts x 9 rows

Sc = 4” x 4” = 12 sts x 14 rows


Width 15 “/ 38.5 cm

Length 19 “ / 48.5 cm


With 5.5 mm hook and using C1, ch 16.

Row 1 : Hdc 1 in 4th ch from hook, hdc till end

Rows  2 – 21 : Ch 2, hdc into each st till end ( 14 dc )Repeat Row 2 until rectangle pieces measures approx 9 “ / 23 cm long ( 21 rows in my case)

Change to C2 and sc around the rectangle working 14 sts into each narrow end, 1 extra sc into the final st of the row and 20 sts into each long side ( one st into the end of each row) , sl st to join round, ch 1 before starting next round. ( 16 sts on each end, 22 sts along each side)

( Counting corner sts, a total of 76 sts )

Continue with C2 working in rounds of sc in the same manner for 11 more rows. To start the round, ch 1, then sc 1 into the same st. To finish the round, sl st into the first st of the round.

Round 2 : Ends 16 sts/ sides 24 sts

Round 3 : Ends  18 sts/ 26 sides sts

Rounds 4 -11 : End sts will continue to increase 2 sts per round / side  sts will continue to increase 2 sts per round

Change to C3 and work 8 more rows in the same manner, finishing by fastening off the last st before joining the final round with an invisible join.

You will have a total of  sts for the whole round.

Weave in any ends. 

Block to finished measurements ( blocking properly is very important as it may not have straight edges unless properly blocked.)

Find all my PDF crochet patterns   HERE!


I would love to see your finished bathmat  ! 

Please feel free to share on Instagram under the hashtag #crochetlovemelbournedesigns and tag me @crochetlovemelbourne

Disclaimer: this pattern and photographs are the property of Fran Mori and should be used only for personal and non-commercial purposes. You may not alter or sell this pattern in any way. You may sell finished products but please credit Fran Mori @crochetlovemelbourne when referring to the pattern.

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