Free crochet raffia bag pattern

This free crochet pattern to crochet a raffia messenger bag was inspired when I was gifted this gorgeous raffia paper yarn by Hobbii yarn in this lovely shade of pink (Dusty Rose). When I saw it I knew I wanted to make a medium size shoulder bag.

I looked around at all the raffia bag patterns available , but I couldn’t find a messenger bag style.  I like messenger bag style as the top is closed over and things stay in the bag better.


Find all of my PDF crochet patterns HERE!


After consultation with my Instagram followers, I decided to create a bag pattern  with five different customisable options. This adds your own personal touch!

You can purchase an ad free PDF pattern  HERE

    1. Classic long messenger bag flap
    2.  Shorter flap with scallop/fan edging
    3. Mid flap with fringing
    4. Triangular shape flap
    5. Rounded flap with button

So here is my take on a very beginner friendly raffia crochet messenger bag. It has a magnetic closure and an optional lining. Enjoy!



Upper Beginner


Hobbii Rafaella 100% paper raffia( 100 gram/ 130- 135 m) x 3 rolls

5.5 mm crochet hook


Tapestry needle

(Optional) clip on shoulder bag strap

(Optional) magnetic clasp

(Optional)  1 m x 1 m fabric for lining, sewing thread, sewing machine


4 ” /11 cm x 4 ” /11 cm = 6 rows x 11 stitches



28 cm/ 11 inches x 28 cm/ 11 inches


ch chain

dc double crochet 

hdc half double crochet

sc single crochet

sk skip

sl st slip stitch 

sp space

st  stitch

LoveCrafts PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS:  Crochet raffia bag

The full YouTube tutorial for this pattern is below

Samia Yarn


Using the 5.5 mm crochet hook, slip knot and ch 16

Round 1 : First, work around both sides of the foundation chain. Start by sc 3 into the 2nd ch from the hook. Then sc 14 along one side of the chain until the final ch.

Next, sc 3 into the final chain and continue to sc 14 along the under side of the chain. Continue working into the same chains, but on the other side, sl st into initial st ( Total 36 sts )

LoveCraftsRound 2 : Ch 1 ( does not count as a st) sc 3, sc 18  to the end of the first side, sc 3 into end st, sc 18 along the second side, sl st to join. ( 40 sts)

Round 3: Again ch 1, hdc into each st along each side, working 3 sc into end st (44 sts)

Round 4: As in previous row, ch 1, hdc into each st along each side, working 3 sc into end st (48 sts)

Round 5: Lastly,  ch 1, 2 hdc into st x 6 times (12 sts) hdc 18.  Hdc 2 into next st x 6 times ( 12 sts) hdc 18, sl st to join round ( 60 sts )


Rounds 6 – 18 : Sl st 4 sts so. the dc rounds will begin at the side of the bag. Work 12 rows of dc into every st, ch 2 to begin each round and sl st to join each round to form the main body of the bag.


  1. SIMPLE LONG FLAP.    Rounds 18- 32 : Ch 3, dc 25, turn,  repeat this row until row 32 to form the flap which goes over the front of the bag ( 14 rows of dc)

Do not fasten off yarn, continue to sc along the side of the flap, working 2 sc into each ch 2 edge gap for each dc row.

Continue to sc around front edge of the bag and up the second flap side in the same manner. When you reach bottom of the flap section fasten off at the bottom left corner with an invisible join. Weave in end.


2. SHORTER FLAP FAN EDGING: Start by working 9 rows of dc. To begin the next row do not work a starting  ch, *sk 2, work 6dc into 3rd st from hook, sk 2, sl st into 3rd st from hook*. Repeat until final st, sl st into turning ch below and fasten off. Weave in ends.

.3. MID FLAP WITH FRINGE : Work 10 rows of dc, then cut 52 lengths of raffia 10 “/25.5 cm. Fold in half and using a crochet hook pull two pieces through each stitch to secure fringe section. Then work along bottom edge from the wrong side, putting one piece of fringe into each stitch. Smooth the fringe using your hands and a water spray. Then trim along the bottom for a straight fringe.



Next, to make the triangle shapework 5 rows dc. In final 6 rows, decrease 2 sts at each end until in final row there are 2 sts left. Ch 2 at start of rows, decreasing 4 sts each row. Next pull one st into the other and  sc around the whole top edge of the flap and the bag. Lastly, fasten off with an invisible join and weave in end.


5. ROUNDED FLAP WITH BUTTON:  Work 8 rows dc, decrease one st at each end of final four rows by working half a dc into the first 2 sts. Then pull the raffia through the two loops of the 2 x dc to decrease one st. After the 4th row, fasten off. Next weave in end and sew on button in the middle of the front flap ( magnetic closure will close the underneath of flap).


The bag handle can be crocheted either in sc by tying yarn onto the side of the bag. Then work 3-4 sc into the side edge. Crochet in sc until the handle reaches the required length and width.

The bag in the photos a second-hand bag handle. I  sewed it onto the side sections of the bag which is very easy. You can also purchase new bag handles online from eBay or Hobbii yarn.

AlsoI recommend a magnetic closure either under the flap or on the top inside area. A lining is optional for this bag as the yarn is very tough. For my previous bag pattern I made two YouTube tutorials which are also relevant here.

  1. How to attach a magnetic closure you will find HERE

  1. How to sew a bag lining for a crochet bag you will find HERE

Finally I hope you have enjoyed making this free crochet raffia bag pattern. I would love it if you tagged me on Instagram @crochetlovemeblourne so I can share your creations!

The link to a full YouTube tutorial for this pattern is HERE

Find all of my PDF crochet patterns HERE!

If you have any questions about the pattern please feel free to contact me directly.

Instagram: @crochetlovemelbourne



Samia Yarn


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