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“Mum we’ve run out of ….” is the constant refrain in my house no matter how many times I go shopping lately. I am the lady with the embarrassingly full shopping trolley in front of you. Nearly two months lockdown. Basically four adults. Home 24 hours a day, seven days a week means A LOT of food is being consumed here. I know, I could use one of those snazzy family shopping apps, but call me old I just need a physical paper list when I shop!

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So enter my new crochet home accessory, so they can write it on the list instead of just telling me and assuming I will remember because I won’t!!

Mint Odyssey

All you need is some yarn, crochet hook, a bulldog clip, tapestry needle, scissors, some cardboard and if you want to get really fancy, some of those free fridge magnets you get in the mail and some glue to stick them on the back, so you can also put it on the fridge! Use envelopes you receive in the mail as the notepad part, then those envelopes will go into the compost or worm farm, recycling, five stars ! ⭐️

Before you ask, “Isn’t that crochet part going to be too soft to write on?” it’s actually perfectly fine as long as you have a few sheets of paper on there, just don’t use only one and start collecting those envelopes from the mail now! Clip along the edge to open the envelopes so you have a nice neat piece of paper for your lists.
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I tried three types of stitches, you obviously want a stitch that is quite flat as this will be a writing surface, I used single crochet ( or DC in UK terms ), double crochet (or TR in UK terms) and also Tunisian simple stitch which looks very nice and makes you try something new ( please just look on YouTube it isn’t hard) All of them seemed good me but maybe go with what you like and find easiest, double crochet (TR) is definitely the quickest or try Tunisian for a challenge!  If you choose to do stripes, leave a long tail after each stripe when you change colours for sewing up so you can sew up in the right colour. You can also do the rainbow style and just use up any scraps of yarn you have which adds even more eco star ratings and stash busting! I really want you to look around your house for this project and use up what you have!

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Kids could also try this as a first crochet project as long as you do the super glue on the magnets and possibly help with the sewing up, they just have to make a long strip of crochet.

You can also decide if you want the optional pen pocket and card pocket ,or it can be just a note clipboard, that’s the easiest to make but I like the pen pocket so pens don’t disappear!





  • I used DK/ 8 ply cotton such as Paintbox DK but you could use any yarn really, scraps, use them up!
  • Crochet hook, 8 ply so I used 3:5 mm
  • Cardboard from somewhere in your house
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Those free fridge magnets you get in the mail, don’t you? I do!
  • Used envelopes, when you open them, cut neatly along one edge to open the envelope so you get maximum list making space!

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I found the width of 18 cm (7 inches) and a length of between 21- 26 cm (8 – 10 inches) was best, but you can really adjust according to whether you want pockets or just the clipboard.


Depends on your stitch , these were mine for the various stitches but not an important factor for this project

Single crochet US ( dc UK)  (10.1 x 10.1cm /4 x 4 inches)  20 stitches x 24 rows ( 4inches/10.1cm)

Double crochet US ( tr UK) ( 4x 4inches/10.1 x 10.1cm) 18 stitches x 9 rows

Tunisan simple stitch (4x 4inches/10.1 x 10.1cm) 18 stitches x 15 rows  


    1. Ch 35 , work rows back and forth to make a long strip of crochet (depending on your stitch of choice SC or DC or Tunisian simple stitch)  with ch 1-2 at each end as you turn, until piece measures from 42 cm – 52 cm ( 16.5-20.5 inches) Leave a 60 cm  (23.5 inch) tail at the end for sewing sides.
    2. Fold crocheted strip in half and sew both side edges, turn inside out and insert cardboard piece which is slightly bigger than the crocheted piece, this is important as you want it to be slightly stretched.
    3. Sew along bottom edge
    4. Attach bulldog clip to top
    5. If you want a pen pocket ch 8, work 20 rows SC ( this is best in SC) , fasten off leaving tail for sewing and sew into place where you want it on the clipboard around three sides leaving top open for pen!
    6. If you want a card pocket ch 20, work 6 rows if DC and 12 rows of sc, fasten off  and sew onto bottom of clipboard as in photo around three sides leaving top open for cards or notes
    7. Use super glue to attach magnet on the back so it can stick on the fridge and everyone can please write down items that are needed on the shopping list!!

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  1. Use your envelopes for note paper and then recycle them later ripped into small pieces in the compost or worm farm or just use any old note pad you have lying around as I did in this photo below, this one is a bit short !


Pattern is copyrighted to @crochetlovemelbourne and must not be reproduced in any form without my permission. You may sell items made from this pattern but please give me pattern credit, thank you.


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