Granny square cardigan crochet pattern

How I made a cropped granny square cardigan in 10 steps!


I was looking for a Granny square cardigan crochet pattern, but then I decided to make my own! Here’s the directions so you can also make one in ten steps.


I happened to have some granny squares I have made for something else and  I had been meaning to make a granny square cardigan for a long time. I don’t feel I should sell a pattern as these types of cardigans are all over the place. It is definitely not an original idea! So I decided to write down the steps I took to make it as a guide. Be creative and make it your own!

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LoveCraftsLately I have seen a lot of cropped cardigans and they often have quite full gathered sleeves and long cuffs. So I wanted to try and make it in this style. If you don’t want the sleeves to be so full gradually decrease stitches at each end as you work the sleeve DC rows. Then you should you end up with the required number of stitches for the cuff. I chose to do a sudden decrease of half the stitches in the final row of the sleeve.


I made it my size by trying on as I went. This is what I always recommend if you are making the item for yourself to ensure a perfect fit.


This is the beauty of being able to make your own garments to fit you! Obviously if you’re making it for someone else, try it on them!


This cardigan is meant to be quite fitted, however this is merely a guide. Have fun!

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Upper beginner/Intermediate



st  stitch

ch chain

sc  single crochet

hdc half double crochet

dc double crochet 


8 ply/DK. Paintbox DK cotton approximately 6 x 50g balls of main colour and 2 x 50 g balls of contrast colours used for granny squares 

Crochet hook 3:00 mm


Tapestry needle


DC (sleeve) 4 inches (10.5cm)  x 4 inches (10.5cm) = 21 stitches x 11 rows Granny squares 4 inches (10.5cm) x 4 inches (10.5cm) = 6 rounds Finished size of my granny squares ( 7 rounds) = 4 3/4 inches x 4 3/4 inches


This cardigan is about a size 10-12 Australian, so the measurements below are for this size. To make for your own size, basically measure the cardigan on yourself as you go!

Back top to bottom: without cuff: 17 inches / 43.5 cm   with cuff: 17. 75 inches/ 45.5 cm

Back shoulder to shoulder: 17 inches/ 43.5 cm

Sleeve length (shoulder to cuff): 12 .5 inches / 32 cm

Cuff length: 5 inches/13.5 cm

Front top to bottom: 17 inches/ 43.5 cm

Front width without band : 5.5 inches/

Front band width: (shawl collar) 3.25 inches/ 8.25 cm   IMG_9352

Find all of my PDF crochet patterns HERE!

Samia Yarn


The steps below assume you have a knowledge of how to make granny squares, how to work DC , how to join as you go squares. I also assume you can sew squares together. I have added some video links for people who don’t know these things and would like to teach themselves. remember there are also many videos online that will teach you any of these things.

Make squares

STEP 1 : You will need 15 x 7 rounds granny squares. I did four rounds of colours, then 3 rounds of black.



STEP 2: Make one panel of 3 x 3  squares for back using the join as you go method


STEP 3: Join two strips of 3 squares to the sides of the panel ( see rough diagram below)

    IMG_9370 LoveCrafts


STEP 4: To make the sleeves, work a standing DC in the main colour approximately 9 inches/23 cm up from the bottom edge of the  front ( about 1 and 3/4 granny squares up), work 75 Dc, turn, ch 2, work 33 rows DC ( or desired length of sleeve without the cuff). In the final row, sc decreasing in every second stitch so approximately 33-  35 sts left. Repeat on other side.


STEP 5: Sew side and sleeve seams


STEP 6: Next work a rib band of approximately six rows. Mine is very short, you could make it longer to match the cuffs across the bottom of the cardigan. You make the band by picking up stitches along the bottom and using the crochet rib post stitch technique. Here’s a helpful video of this technique

STEP 7: Sc around the whole front and neck area, mine was approximately 180 sts. Work 8 rows of hdc into the back loop to form the shawl type band for the front and neck area.

STEP 8: Work two rib cuffs for sleeves, ch 32, 24 rows of dc into the back loop. You can make it as long as you want it to be, measure on yourself.

Fold the sleeve cuff in half and sew the inside seam of each cuff before you attach it to the sleeve. Alternatively work the cuffs using the same technique used to crochet the bottom rib section. 


STEP 9: Sew rib cuffs to sleeves by turning cuffs inside out and sewing to sleeve. I turned it inside out and then put it onto it onto my arm. Then as I sew, I adjust the sleeve width to the cuff width to make sure it matches.



STEP 10: Weave in any ends and attach buttons or a fastening to front centre if required. I left mine without a fastening as it is like a shrug/bolero style. I didn’t block this garment but certainly block it if you feel it is necessary. 

I hope you enjoyed making this Granny square cardigan crochet pattern!

Find all of my PDF crochet patterns HERE!


9B6A83C5-AC99-4392-A1EC-8D25E74CCB71-BD6C7994-88B6-4CBE-B0D2-15D0D42C13B9 Any suggestions or feedback are most welcome through either my Instagram account or via

This blog post is copyrighted to @crochetlovemelbourne and must not be reproduced in any form without my permission.

You may sell items made from this cardigan idea, but please give me idea credit, thank you.




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