Christmas crochet pattern : gift tag / wreath ornament

I’m dreaming of a zero-waste Christmas! Wrap gifts in fabric or put into fabric bags and use this free Christmas crochet pattern which has many possible uses! In addition you can make a rectangular gift tag that you can reuse year after year for zero-waste  gift wrapping at Christmas time.

Or you can use the same rectangle shape as a photo frame which can be used as a Christmas tree ornament. Also make this pattern into a circle shape so it looks like a wreath for a Christmas tree ornament. Finally, make the circular pattern  as a circular photo frame ornament or smaller gift tag.


Be creative and use up your scraps of fingerweight/4 ply cotton! You can also use thicker yarn, however  be aware that this will make the crocheted fabric bigger. So you may need to make a slightly larger frame if you use thicker yarn.

red crochet mini wreath

Ad-free PDF of this pattern can be purchased HERE






ch chain

sc  single crochet

sk skip

st  stitch


Hobbii friends 8/4 cotton ( fingering weight / 4/ ply  cotton )

Colors I used : Red (number 41: Pomegranate) Light Green (114 : Sage)

Dark Green (116 : Hunter Green) Cream (03 : Oatmilk) White (01) Gold (Rainbow 8/4 Glitter gold)

2 x 50 g balls, one of each colour or yarn scraps in any yarn you would like to use really! 

  • If you use a thicker yarn just be aware that the frame size and number of stitches required may change!*

3.00 mm crochet hook


Tapestry needle

Cardboard rectangle or circle, craft glue, whiteboard markers, old Christmas cards to cut out lettering. 



2 inches x 2 inches/ 6 cm x 6 cm = 14 rows x 12 stitches



Rectangle 4 “ x 3 “ / 11 x 7 cm  

Circle 9 x 9 cm


First prepare your cardboard frame

  1. Cut out a rectangle approximately 3.5 “ x 2.5 “ ( 10 cm x 6 cm ) then cut around the corners so they are rounded. 
  2. Next, cut out the inside so the cardboard becomes like a picture frame with an approximately 1 cm ( 0.5 “) edge. As you can see below, mine are not perfect, but they will be covered by the crochet so just do your best! I used cardboard from a shoe box.

Ad-free PDF of this pattern can be purchased HERE

YouTube video can be found HERE!


Using colour 1 yarn and 3.00 mm crochet hook, ch 9 sts for a rectangle or 11 sts for a circle.

NOTE : The photos mainly show the circle ornament rows which have 4 rows of one color and 2 rows of the 2nd color. However the rectangle gift tag photos show 2 rows of 1st color and 2 rows of 2nd color, you can choose which you prefer!

Samia Yarn from Knit Picks

Row 1 : Sc 1 into 2nd ch, then sc to end, ch 1, turn ( 8 stitches for rectangle or 10 sts for circle )

Row 2 : Sk 1, sc 6, sc 2 into final st, ch 1, turn. Work should start to slant to the left. ( 8 or 10  sts )

Change to colour 2 by drawing through the 2nd color in ch 1, sc 8 or 10, ch 1, turn. ( 8 sts rectangle / 10 sts circle )

how to change yarn color

Rows 3 – end Repeat the above two row pattern alternating colors for 36 rows for a circle or 48 rows for a rectangle in total, finishing with the opposite color to the one you started with and  leaving a 70 cm tail of yarn when you fasten off for sewing ends and edges. Your work will look like the photo below. Next measure it on the frame by stretching it around your frame to check it fits.

red and white slanted crochet strip for crochet gift tag



Using the yarn you left when fastening off, use a tapestry needle to sew the ends of the strip together to form a ring. Do not cut or fasten off the extra yarn left as you will be using it to sew the crochet frame on around your cardboard ring or rectangle.

Slip the crochet onto the cardboard rectangle or circle.

Using the leftover attached yarn, sew the two edges together over the ring. Make sure you’re working from in front to behind the ring as shown below. As you work pass the needle back and forth through the middle of the rectangle or circle.



After sewing edges, knot yarn, weave end into wreath, then cut off so it can’t be seen.

To make hanging loop or a loop to tie around the present ribbon, place hook into the top middle of wreath. Then chain 15 sts for a hanging loop and 50 sts for a loop to tie a gift tag on. Finally, again place hook into starting stitch and knot, fasten off. Weave ends into wreath with tapestry needle to hide them. 

You’re finished! Attach to a gift or hang on your tree! 

finished gold and cream free crochet pattern gift tagfinished free crochet pattern green and gold gift tag

Final tip: I cut out and glued waste cardboard or plastic to the back of the gift tag and also cut out lettering from old Christmas cards to achieve the look in the photos. If plastic is used, writing with a whiteboard marker can mean you can change the message every year.

Find all my most popular PDF crochet patterns  HERE!


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