Diamond Waffle stitch jar cozy

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Diamond Waffle Stitch

Jar Cozy Pattern

Looking for a quick and unusual crochet project to brighten up your desk at home or as a fast handmade gift? Try this diamond waffle stitch jar cozy!


This speedy crochet jar cozy uses an  unusual and eye-catching stitch which looks great and creates something useful out of all those old jars you have stashed away! You can also use up all your yarn stash scraps as any colour combination can be used!


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View stitch tutorial on YouTube below!

TIME TO MAKE : 1 -2 hours

Samia Yarn from Knit Picks

SKILL LEVEL: Adventurous beginner – Intermediate

Mint Odyssey


Old glass jarsI used an empty washed glass jar from some pasta sauce which has a diameter of 9 inches ( 23.5 cm) and a height of 5 inches ( 13.5 cm)

DK Cotton yarn scraps, I used two colours, however you could use multiple colours for a fun effect as well and to use up your stash. Cotton looks good for stitch definition, however any yarn can be used! Any brand is OK, I usually use Lincraft 8 ply cotton ( if you’re in Australia) or Hobbii Rainbow cotton 6/8 or  Paintbox DK cotton

MC = main colour which is the underlying colour for the Diamond waffle Stitch cozy ( pale ice blue or beige in photos)

C1= is the contrasting colour which forms the criss cross diamond waffle pattern on the Diamond Waffle Cozy ( teal blue or mustard in photos)

Crochet hook 3:50 mm adjust to suit your tension according to gauge


Tapestry needle


diamond waffle stitch : 4 x 4 inch ( 11cm x 11 cm) = 20 stitches x 18 rows



bl back loop

ch chain

dc double crochet

sc single crochet

sl st slip stitch

st stitch

tr treble

tr cl treble cluster

yoh yarn over hook


Diamond waffle cozy : 3.75 inches (10 cm ) x approx 10 inches ( 26 cm) diameter around jar


The book Japanese Wonder crochet published by Tuttle and Nihon Vogue is where I first saw this stitch.

 Diamond Waffle stitch jar cozy 

Pattern Instructions

 Using a 3.5 mm crochet hook and C1,  ch 40.  Sl st into the first ch to form a circle making sure the chain is not twisted.

Round 1: Ch 1, work one round of sc into the chain,  join round with a sl st pulling through the other color (MC) and pulling tightly to secure new color. TIP: weave in your initial end and place a stitch marker to show start of round here. Do not cut yarn! Round 2 : Using MC, ch 2, work one round of dc, join with a sl st, again pulling through the other C1 color in the final stitch to change color. TIP: Try to put your work on the jar now to make sure it fits and adjust number of stitches accordingly, pattern works best if stitches are a multiple of 4

Find all my PDF crochet patterns                 HERE!


Round 3: Using MC ch 1, sc 1, work 1 sc in back loop, yoh twice, insert hook behind and then out the front of the  first sc st two rounds below.


AD-FREE PDF pattern available HERE    

Yoh, draw loop through and work tr until you have two loops on hook.


yoh twice and insert hook around the 5th sc from start of round two rounds below and complete a full tr through 3 loops including from previous tr until one loop on hook.




* Sk 2 dc from row below, then work 3 sc into back loops of dc row below. Repeat tr 2 cluster as before, first tr back into previous tr, then forward into the next tr *



Repeat from * to * as above until end of round. To finish round sc 1 into in bl, then sl st to join round then insert hook into first tr completed to join the clusters, complete tr ( 10 treble clusters counting the top joined trs) TIP: To check your spaces between stitches are correct there should be two unworked stitches behind each treble cluster, then the 3 sc into the back loop.

Find my PDF crochet patterns HERE!


Round 4:  Work the same as round 2, in dc with C1, sl st to join and change to color C1 TIP: Count to make sure you have 40 sts


Samia Yarn from Knit Picks


Round 5: Using C1, repeat the treble clusters from round 3,  but work into the previously worked clusters below inserting hook into left of cluster and coming out the front on the right of cluster to join the clusters below and make the diamond shape. Continue to work as in round 3 till the end of the round. (40 sts)


TO FINISH: Continue in pattern rows. I worked until work measures the finished measurement length above, or to your own desired length. Remember to try it on your jar a few times to check it fits and adjust accordingly! Fasten off and weave in any ends Put the jar cozy on, put some things in your jar and admire your new decor item!

Samia Yarn from Knit Picks

AD-FREE PDF pattern available HERE

Here’s some more great examples made by the lovely Hooky Chia on Instagram, go over and check out her account to see lots more of her colourful makes!

Find my PDF crochet patterns HERE!


If you make this project yourself I would love you to tag me on Instagram @crochetlovemelbourne I hope you get lots of use out of your jar cozies!





Samia Yarn from Knit Picks

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