Valentine’s Day modern checkers and heart crochet placemat pattern

For beginners, or those who want step by step photos, tips and a printable ad free format, the PDF is available HERE 


This crochet placemat pattern can be used every day! With or without the heart, you can make it in neutrals or colours, it’s a simple beginner project which is useful and fast to make. 




4- 6 hours


Upper beginner 


st  stitch

ch chain

sc  single crochet

sk skip

st stitch

dc double crochet 

 MATERIALS Any type of 4-5 ply / fingering  or sport weight recycled 100% cotton. In Australia you could use the Lincraft 4 ply cotton,  in the US  Dishie by We crochet/Knit picks or Lionbrand 24/7 cotton, in the UK Paintbox 4 ply cotton or  King Cole 4 ply cotton 1  x 100gram ball of Main colour (MC) and Contrast colour (CC) per placemat ( or 2 x 50 gram balls) 

NOTE: The rough texture of recycled cotton makes the placemat stronger and stiffer.  You can use any cotton yarn, but it may be a bit thin. 8 ply/ DK cotton can also be used, but it will make it slightly bigger.


3.00 mm crochet hook ( or 3.5mm if using 8 ply/DK)


Tapestry needle

GAUGE  4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm) = 11 rows x 21 sts

FINISHED MEASUREMENTS   Length 44 cm x  width 30 cm / length 17 inches x width 12 inches  

Find the YouTube video for this pattern HERE


Samia Yarn


This pattern is written in US crochet terms



Using MC, ch 65.

Row 1 : Dc 1 into 3rd ch ( work into back loop of ch along this first row for a straight edge, the Ist ch 2 counts for 1st stitch in this row and thereafter. Dc 2 into next 2 sts ( dc 4 x MC). In 4th st pull CC through last two loops to change colour, tie CC onto MC to secure. 


Using CC dc 4 crocheting over the MC thread and the yarn end of the CC, changing back to MC in the last two loops as before.  Continue in the same way, working dc 4 CC and dc 4 MC till the end of the row, turn.


EXTRA TIPS and step by step photos can be found in the ad free printable PDF which can be purchased HERE

Row 2: Using the same colour, ch 2, sk 1, dc 3 ( so ch is included I the 1st group of 4 as 1st st). Then  work in the same manner, alternating MC, dc 4, and CC dc 4.

Continue as in row 1, keeping the colors the same as in the previous row so there are two rows of the same colour. The difference with the end of this row is that you DO carry the other colour along the back of work right to the end. Change color at the start of Row 3 and in the final stitch two loops,  pull through the other colour, turn and ch 2.

LoveCrafts Row 3 : Continue to work the same dc 4 pattern, alternating colours in this row, except the colours change to have the other colour above the row below.  Row 4: Work as for Row 2 so there are two rows of the pattern established. In row 3 repeat rows 1-4 once again, making sure that row 1 is a colour change row until  there are 8 rows of checkerboard pattern. Cut off the C1 colour and continue working using MC only. Work 37 more rows of  dc only with ch 2 at each end (or when work measures 77 cm/ 17 inches)


 Fasten off and weave in ends. I didn’t feel it was necessary to block my placemat. However if your edges are crooked I recommend spraying with water, pinning into shape and letting it dry. Alternatively use an iron to steam and shape with your fingers.  3. Crochet heart and appliqué  The free heart pattern can be downloaded HERE,

To attach the heart to placemat, pin and position the heart where you want it. Then sew onto the placemat with running stitch as in photo above

For beginners, or those who want step by step photos, tips and a printable ad free format, the PDF is available HERE 



I hope you enjoyed making your crochet placemat pattern! Now weave in all ends and make at least one more placemat so you can use them for a Valentine Day dinner! Or make four and use them for a family of four! 

Find all my crochet patterns on Etsy  HERE!

EXTRA TIPS and step by step photos can be found in the ad free printable PDF which can be purchased HERE

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Pattern is copyrighted to @crochetlovemelbourne2022 and must not be reproduced in any form without my permission. You may sell items made from this pattern but please give me pattern credit, thank you. LoveCrafts

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