Granny squares and Brioche knitted blanket

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So you love this Granny squares and Brioche knitted blanket? Be prepared to put in a long time learning to do brioche knitting, unless you already know!

Find all of my PDF crochet patterns HERE!


For a long time one of the things on my list of things to learn had been the two colour brioche knitting technique as I love how it looks. It has an amazing texture and is also reversible. But it is difficult to learn, so I’m also giving you an easy beginner knitter option which looks almost as good!

This is more of an explanation than a formal pattern as I think you should be able to use YouTube videos to work out how to make granny squares ( although you hopefully already know) and learn brioche knitting. I have also given you a beginners knitting option below which looks similar if you find the brioche knitting challenge too daunting!

Samia Yarn
To learn brioche I did what everyone does lately and hopped over to YouTube. I found many brioche knitting videos and watched lots! Everyone has different things that appeal to them. So keep trying till you find a video that makes sense to you! I found this video helped me the most although you may also find you are very confused and your head is spinning if you watch too many…

I frogged my work many many times and made mistakes many many times. I basically spent a weekend learning how to do it. I found that bright contrasting colours worked best for me when learning as I could see where the stitches are which is important in this type of knitting.

JBWLogo I also found that 21 stitches was the perfect amount to gradually learn the four row stitch pattern. You need to memorise not too many stitches as you often make mistakes when learning. So as I practiced and frogged, made mistakes. I started again and gradually built up a little collection of different coloured squares. Then realised that because they took so much time to make I should do something with them. 

At one point when I was frustrated I just made a granny square and thought to myself “ I should just make granny squares, they’re so quick and easy, why am I torturing myself with knitting?! “ Then suddenly I noticed the granny square juxtaposed next to the the knitted brioche square and thought how nice it looked and boom, a new blanket, the Granny squares and Brioche knitted blanket, was born!

Find all of my PDF crochet patterns HERE!

I have to admit to you that the granny square part is fun and easy and the knitted squares take a long long time. However it is worth it for the final effect. I can complete a granny in 15-20 minutes, however a knitted square takes me an hour and a half! The easier option is to knit the squares with two colours in k1p1 rib stripes to achieve a similar effect (see details further down)So let’s move on to some more specific details!






Knows how to

Crochet granny squares this is a link to one of the most well known videos

Knit EITHER beginner level k1 p1 rib using two colours a video is  here

OR if you want to learn two colour brioche knitting  this video helped me personally. But there are many others, so find one that makes sense to you!


k1p1 rib  = knit 1 purl 1 rib stitch pattern

*Crochet abbreviations are not included as I am assuming you know how to make a granny square


Approximately 20 x 50 g balls ,  4 balls of five contrasting colours

The yarn used here is Baby Fabulous by Yarn and Colors in the colours

015 Mustard

032 Pepper

064 Nordic blue

086 Peony leaf

035 Girly pink

I would also recommend using Rainbow cotton 6/6 by Hobbii yarn

Another option for yarn is Paintbox DK/ 8 ply cotton which would also look great because of the variety of colours available

Or just use your stash! (I was using leftovers so apologies, not sure of exact amounts) 

Crochet hook 3:00 or 3:5 or size to suit gauge

Knitting needles Size

3.25 mm (US)10 (UK)3 (US)

Tapestry needle



The main thing is make sure your knitted and crochet squares are the same size so you can sew them together!

You make need to experiment with different size crochet hooks to achieve the same size as your knitted squares. My squares measured 3 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches/ just over 9 x 9 cm

Granny squares one treble cluster = 1/2 inch x 5 clusters = 3 1/2 inches

knitted squares  brioche : 21 sts (per 3 1/2 inches) x 48 rows


Width 32 inches (82cm)

Length 47 inches (120 cm)


  • Brioche two colour knitting is very difficult, so just keep practicing until you get it! It is definitely worth it to get the finish line with this granny squares and brioche knitted blanket
  • If you choose k1p1 rib make sure you move each yarn colour to the back of the work after each stitch ( as you are using two colours and they wrap along the back of the work)
  • I use quite a small crochet hook to create a dense fabric as I like thick blankets with not many holes, however you can use a larger hook which will result in a softer more drapey blanket, my way it is quite stiff but warmer!
  • Brioche tension: you will  notice many brioche squares look like the rib is very uneven. It may seem to have different sizes of loops in the rib lines. I found it hard at the start to have a consistent tension. However I improved with practice and realised one important thing. You MUST keep the yarn over tension quite tight as it is this which affects the look of the rib. Once I tried to keep my tension quite tight the look of my brioche squares improved a lot. it does require a lot of concentration to make them look neat.



I made 9 x 12 squares for a total of 108 squares. 

53 granny squares

55 knitted squares or crochet!

1) Crochet Granny squares

Make 53 squares

These are five rounds using five different colours. I suggest you try to sew in ends as you go otherwise it can be daunting task at the end! If you don’t know how to crochet granny squares have a look here


2) Brioche two colour knitted squares

Make 55 squares

Since I wrote this post I worked out how to make the Brioche type squares using crochet. I used them in this Brioche crochet squares blanket pattern so I recommend this method if you would prefer to crochet the squares!

Two colours A and B

Using colour A cast on 21 knit four rows stocking stitch (knit, purl, knit ,purl)

If you want a larger square make sure you must have an odd number of stitches for the brioche pattern 

I knitted 40 rows of the brioche pattern which is really like 20 rows as you are working each colour, so ten lots of the four row pattern. This is not a paid pattern, it is more of a recipe so I am going to leave it up to you to learn brioche, have a look at the video which helped me the most here

After the 40 rows do four more rows of stocking stitch, then cast off as loosely as you can.

Front of work
Back of work



This is for people who don’t have the time or motivation to learn brioche, but would like a similar effect. I suggest making a squares with four rows of stocking stitch, then 20 rows of k1p1 rib alternating  two colours to form stripes. See sample but not a full square below, plus this needs blocking! and  this will provide a similar effect although not quite as good as brioche. This is a quicker alternative and will use less yarn, but so if you’re stash busting this may be better.

K1P1 rib option front of work

K1P1 back of work


Once you have completed all squares and woven  in all the  ends, you are ready to join them! I simply sewed them together with whip stitch as I thought that would provide the best join between the knitted and crocheted fabric and it was OK. You could also try join as you go, however you may need to do slip stitch or single crochet around each knitted square for that to work well.


After sewing all the squares together in an alternating 9 x 12 square pattern as in the photo below I did one round of single crochet around the edge, then one row of hdc.

I stopped there as my purpose was to use up yarn and that was all I had of that particular yarn, however if I had more I would have done a few more rows of hdc to make the border a bit thicker.


Anyway I hope you give this to level knitting and crochet skills and create a unique effect whether you choose brioche or k1p1 rib!

I hope you enjoy making this Granny squares and Brioche knitted blanket!

Find all of my PDF crochet patterns HERE!

If you try it please share your blanket using the hashtag #grannybriocheblanket on Instagram as I would love to see what you make and I will probably share it on my Instagram page @crochetlovemelbourne  so please tag me as well!

Pattern is copyrighted to @crochetlovemelbourne and must not be reproduced in any form without my permission. You may sell items made from this pattern but please give me pattern credit, thank you.

This blog post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a very small commission at no extra cost to you if you order through a link which helps me offer you these free patterns. Thank you for your support.



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4 years ago

Very nice paterns
Very nice colors..

Susan Dennis
Susan Dennis
3 years ago

Ok so. I will be making your blanket (and do promise to tag and share so you can tag and share. But first I have to apologize. I love the youtube you found on how to brioche in two colors. Like you, I had tried and never found one as good. I breezed through the first four row and did a few more and thought… why in the world did she find this so hard??? I’m not going to need to rip out anything! I’m so smart. And then I put it down and wen’t to eat lunch. When I… Read more »

Marta Perez
Marta Perez
3 years ago

me encantó, muy bella

3 years ago

This is a great looking blankie, I love the grannies and brioche combined 🙂 I’m not a fan of cotton blankie so would undoubtedly try this with acrylic. Just have to finish off. Couple of other blankies first..


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Carol Grullemans
Carol Grullemans
3 years ago

Love your blanket, think I’ll stick to the granny squares. Very good instructions.

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