Heart lunchbox strap crochet pattern

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Use this cute heart lunchbox strap crochet pattern to put on your loved one’s lunchboxes on Valentine’s Day to show them you love them. You can also use it as a bracelet or to wrap around presents.

When my kids were younger I used to putting these elastic straps around their lunchboxes like bento boxes in Japan. So this project is inspired by that idea, however you can use it in many ways.

You can also download a FREE printable PDF version  here 


Upper beginner 


  • st  stitch
  • ch chain
  • sk  skip
  • sl st slip stitch
  • sc  single crochet
  • hdc half double crochet
  • dc double crochet 
  • tr  treble crochet



 1 x. 50 g. ball in two colours C1 and C2 in either 4 ply ( fingering weight) OR 8 ply/DK cotton such as Paintbox or cotton blend yarn.  I used Hobbii 4/4 rainbow cotton and Lincraft 8 ply/DK cotton,  so you can mix it up!


This is not a gauge sensitive project. But if tension is too loose or tight change to a hook size up or down accordingly.


It mainly depends on the size of your own lunch box or present. Please measure accordingly and adjust the length of your initial chain

Small    81/2 inches ( 22cm)  strap   crochet cord 2 x 6 1/2 inches  ( 17 cm)

Medium ( with elastic ) strap 15 1/2 inches  ( 40 cm) plus elastic




Measure your item, subtract 3 inches ( or 8cm) and make a chain of that length

I used 40ch for a small bento box and 75 ch for a medium size square lunch box using the thinner 4 ply ( fingering weight) cotton

Work 3 rows of hdc with ch 1 for turning at end of each row. Then sc around the whole piece working over the thread ( so you don’t have to weave it in!). Sc 2 at each corner, 3sc along end, 2 sc in corner, repeat. Fasten off and weave in ends.

To complete strap, measure approximately 2 1/2 inches/6 cm of elastic (or the length which allows strap to fit lunch box). Sew the ends of the elastic to the ends of the strap either by hand or by sewing machine


Ch 40 ( 60, 80)

Work 3 rows of hdc with 1ch for turning at end of each row

After end of 3rd row, sc2 into corner of end and 2sc along end to the middle of end 

Ch 40 then sl st back into each ch to make strap

Sc 2 into other side of end to get to corner, sc along edge into each stitch.  Sc 2 into corner, sc 2 along end and complete strap as previous end.


Using C1 ch 4 and sl st to make a ring ( see step by step photos in the free PDF)

Round 1: Ch1 , 8sc into ring and sl st to close ring, fasten off

Round 2: With C2 start in any stitch with a standing dc then repeat dc1, ch 1 into each sc , slst to close ring ( 8dc, 8 ch) 

Round 3:  Next ch 1, sc 2 into each ch space from previous row and sc 1 into each dc ( 24 sts)

Round 4: Sc around circle into the back of each stitch

Round 5: Next to make heart shape, sl st ,  hdc, dc 2 into next stitch, tr 3 into next stitch, dc 2 into next stitch, hdc, sc 5, hdc , dc, ch 2, dc, hdc, sc 5, hdc, dc 2 into next stitch.  Then tr 3 into next stitch, dc 2 into next stitch, hdc, sl st into the underneath of first sl st and fasten off C2

Round 6 : Using C1 sc all around heart, sc 2 into each dc and tr and sc 1 into each hdc and sc. Finish with a sl st to complete round and fasten off tightly, weave in ends.


NO SEW – use a hot glue gun to glue heart shape to top of strap and tie ends

SEW – use C1 to sew heart shape on either side of heart to the strap

Finally put onto the lunch box to show your love!! I hope you have enjoyed making your Heart lunchbox strap crochet pattern.

Find all of my crochet patterns from my etsy and Ravelry stores HERE


copyright @crochetlovemelbourne2022 

Thank you! 


Pattern is copyrighted to @crochetlovemelbourne and must not be reproduced in any form without my permission. You may sell items made from this pattern but please give me pattern credit, thank you.

This blog post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a very small commission at no extra cost to you if you order through a link which helps me offer you these free patterns. Thank you for your support.

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