1970’s motif cushion crochet pattern


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The lacy motif is very open and could be used for any number of items, people on Instagram @crochetlovemelbourne gave me lots of ideas when I was wondering what to make. You could make a cushion cover, bag, tops, a wrap, table runner, curtains, the list is endless! Keep persisting and you will be able to crochet the 1970’s motif cushion crochet pattern!

Here is the YouTube tutorial and you can find the full written pattern below!


I decided to make a cushion as I had some calico which I thought might be nice as a backing. The original pattern is from a Mon Tricot magazine in English from 1975. See the picture that accompanies the pattern below! The pattern is for a top which we probably wouldn’t wear with a bowler hat and a floral dress these days…..



Find all of my PDF crochet patterns  HERE!

Light and Lacy Motif pattern


I used a 3.00 mm crochet hook and an unnamed store brand yarn which seems about 5 ply, but you could use anything! You also need a tapestry needle and scissors if making a cushion


Make a ch of 6 Sts and join into a ring with a sl st in the first ch


Work 16 sc in ring, 1 sl st in first st



5ch * skip 1 st, 1 DC, 3ch* repeat * to * 6 times more, 1 sl st in the 3rd ch at beg of round, 8 spaces




(Complete the first whole motif) Top photo: 3 ch, 3 TR ( DTR in UK terms) in first space, *10ch, 4 TR in next sp, Bottom photo: 3ch, 4 TR in next sp* repeat * to * twice more, 10 ch, 4TR in last space, 3 ch 1 sl st in the 3rd ch at beginning of round, fasten off, weave in end. So each corner has 10 ch and there is 3 ch between the groups of 4 TR on the sides.


Joining motifs

5. Once you have completed the first stand alone motif, you then join the next motif onto this one by completing the first two rounds the same then third round ( joining round) as follows


Start round 3 as in previous motif with ch 3 then tr 3 into the first space. Then ch 5, take hook out and insert under and through the 10 ch corner as shown


5 ch then 4 TR in next space, hook out and put hook under and through the three ch space on other motif, then 2 ch after you have pulled the hook through so the middle section is joined



4Tr in next space, so you have now joined one corner and one middle part Join the next corner in the same manner, 5 ch, hook out and under and through the motif. After joining through corner, 5 ch then 4 TR in next space




Continue with 3 ch, 4TR in next space, 10 ch, 4 TR in next space around the motif to the end , 1 sl st in the 3rd chain at beginning of round, fasten off and you have joined two motifs!

10.Continue in the same manner joining corners and sides of motifs to make any size or shape, I will leave the rest up to your imagination and please tag me on Instagram @crochetlovemelbourne if you make any interesting creations!


1.To make the cushion, I cut two squares of calico material measuring slightly larger than my square of crochet motifs.

2. Then I pinned and hand stitched ( or you can also use a sewing machine) the crochet motif square onto one of the squares.

3. I put the squares wrong sides together and used a sewing machine to sew nearly all the way around but leaving a 20 cm gap to add the stuffing.

4. I turned the cushion inside out so the seams were on the inside and added cushion filling through the hole then hand stitched the hole to close it. Voila, a cushion! I hope you enjoyed crocheting the 1970’s motif cushion crochet pattern!

Find all of my PDF crochet patterns  HERE!

Pattern is copyrighted to @crochetlovemelbourne and must not be reproduced in any form without my permission. You may sell items made from this pattern but please give me pattern credit, thank you.

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joan Rafferty
joan Rafferty
3 years ago

Wow this is beautiful. So delicate I love it

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