Mini chunky belt bag crochet pattern


It’s been way too long since I have posted or shared a free pattern, so here’s a quick idea for those Christmas presents you might need to make soon!
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This belt bag is great for music festivals, hiking ,or travelling to keep your phone and cash safe and secure. You can add a zipper and a lining for more security or leave it as it is as the Bobbiny cord is very thick.

This bag can be attached to any belt you own, just thread the belt through the holes in the back of the bag. It can also be used as a hand bag if you have detachable bag handles, just attach them to the sides instead of a belt!
I used thick Bobbiny cord ,but you can also use any thick T-shirt yarn or chunky cotton/acrylic to make a super quick bag to attach to a belt. The creamy colour I used also has flecks of shiny gold which make it nice for the festive season. I also made a taupe neutral colour and tried some Lincraft recycled t-shirt acrylic material grey yarn which also worked well.

I love a quick and useful project so let’s get started!
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Upper Beginner crocheter with sewing skills


7 mm crochet hook

Approximately 1/2 skein Bobbiny cotton cord

1/4 metre of fabric in a contrasting or matching colour for lining, tapestry needle, pins, cotton, sewing machine, scissors, tape measure
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This is not a gauge sensitive project, however I recommend quite tight crochet as it is for a bag and will make it more durable.



20cm long x 15 cm wide
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st = stitch

ch= chain

sc= single crochet

hdc = half double crochet

dc= double crochet

ss = slip stitch




Back of bag and front flap section 


Row 1: ch15, turn

Row 2: hdc along the 14ch, ch 1, turn

*Rows 3 and 4 form the main pattern repeat rows on 14ch

Row 3:hdc along 14ch into the back loop, ch1, turn (see photo below)


Row 4: hdc along 14ch into the front loop, ch1, turn (see photo below)


Repeat rows 3 and 4 until work measures 13cm (approx 8 rows in total)

Row to make holes to thread belt through: continue pattern according to which pattern row you are up to e.g hdc into back loop or front loop.

In this row work 2hdc, ch2, skip next 2hdc, work 6hdc, ch 2 and skip next 2 hdc, work final 2 hdc. You should now have two square holes which will allow you to thread your belt through to attach the bag to your body.

Complete 6 more rows of pattern rows 3 and 4 which will be the front flap section.

At the end of last row start to sc around the edges of the piece all the way around, working 1sc, 1ch, 1sc into any corners, fasten off using the invisible finish.



Front lower bag section

Repeat as for first four rows of previous section also starting with 14ch. 

Work 9 rows of pattern in total, do not fasten off.

To attach front section to back section. Hold the front section together with the back section making sure the pattern side which has the defined lines is on the outside for both sections.

Work into each stitch on both pieces and sl st through to join the pieces as in the photos below.  Start from the top left opening, work along the side and  then the bottom edge, then up the other side to the start of the opening, fasten off and weave in end.


Add a snap closure or magnetic closure between the front flap of the bag and the front section to keep it closed if desired. Make sure you do this before you insert and attach the bag and zip lining!

As this a free pattern I will not explain how to sew in a lining and a zip, you can find this information in many places online of you search for it. A lining and zip are optional s the bag ishould still be secure with just a snap closure on the flap. So I will just say, sew a lining the same size as the bag with a zip, then sew lining and zip into to bag opening,

Finally thread any of your belts through the bag holes and wear your bag! 

You can also use detachable bag handles instead of a belt to use this bag as a small crossbody or handbag.



Pattern is copyrighted to @crochetlovemelbourne and must not be reproduced in any form without my permission. You may sell items made from this pattern but please give me pattern credit, thank you.

This blog post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a very small commission at no extra cost to you if you order through a link which helps me offer you these free patterns. Thank you for your support.


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