free crochet cushion pattern : out the window

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If you’re looking for a free crochet cushion pattern this is a fun and easy one to make! To me this simple square looks like a window, so I decided to make a cushion reflecting our current coronavirus lockdown situation. Therefore  it is called the  “out the window” cushion as we’re stuck inside!

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. You can of course use the square for anything, but as it has quite large holes I thought it was more suited to a cushion and might look effective with a bright contrasting material behind the “windows”.


If you make it I would love to see your makes so please share on Instagram using the hashtag #outthewindowcushion. I look forward to seeing your makes!

Samia Yarn

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SKILL LEVEL Upper beginner 

ABBREVIATIONS ( US TERMS ) st  stitch sl st slip stitch ch chain sc  single crochet dc double crochet 


8/4 organic cotton from Hobbii in a solid colour and a rainbow colour, you could also use

Paintbox DK cotton

Crochet hook 3:00 mm


Tapestry needle

  GAUGE  mini square : 1 inch x 1 inch (approx 3 cm x 3 cm) DC round : 14 stitches per 2 inches (5.5 cm)   FINISHED MEASUREMENTS  One square 3 inches x 3 inches (8 cm x 8 cm ) Cushion 5 x 5 squares  approx 16 x 16 inches (40 x 40 cm)   LoveCrafts


1.Using cream or a plain solid colour,  ch 4 then sl st to make a ring.

Ch 2, dc 1 into ring (as you crochet around and into the ring crochet over the end so you don’t need to weave it in).Next ch 5 (this is the corner), *dc 2 into ring, ch 5* 3 more times to form a square, sl st into first ch 2 to form a tiny square.

2. Make 3 more tiny squares and arrange in a bigger square. The ends are on the top and bottom outer edges so you will crochet over them. You can of course weave them in if you prefer.

3. Now you will use rainbow cotton to join the four squares together.

4. First put two small cream squares together with wrong sides facing each other. Using rainbow cotton work a standing sc into the corner space of both squares. Then sc 2 into the same space, sc 2 into each of the dcs then sc 2 into the next corner space. So the squares are now joined along one edge.

NEW! PRINTABLE AD FREE PDF PATTERN with step by step photos buy now

5.Pick up the other two cream squares and without cutting the cotton work the same as above again (sc 2, sc 2 into dcs, sc 3)  along the next two squares so they are joined in one continuous line as below. The main thing to remember is to have sc 3 in corner squares, sc 2 into dcs and sc 2 into squares near the centre to make sure the square lies flat. 

6. Repeat above across the other middle line between all the squares so they are joined like a window.

7.Without cutting the yarn, continue to sc around the whole square over any ends, with sc 2 near the middle lines, sc 2 into dcs and sc3 on each corner square edge (actually sc 6 as sc 3 for each corner side)


8.After the sc round , ch 2 then work dc 1 into each sc , dc into the end stitch of the middle joining line and at each corner dc 1, ch 2, dc 1 into same corner stitch. After the dc round, fasten off and weave in any ends. I try to crochet over any ends as I work if possible but there will still always be a few left to weave in carefully.

Make 100 mini squares which once joined as above become 25 larger squares.


Then you’re ready to join! I just put the wrong sides together and joined the lines of squares using single crochet because I wanted the joins to look like the squares with the joining lines being prominent.

When you have joined the 5 x 5 squares you can crochet a plain back for the cushion in alines granny square  stitch or a large solid granny square, or just lines of double crochet to fit the same measurements as the front then insert a pillow/cushion and sew or crochet the open edge.

Or you could sew the cushion back directly onto an existing cushion , or make a fabric cushion with material in the envelope cushion cover style so you can just slip the inner cushion part inside.

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Lucet Fork

I am not going to provide instructions for this as you can plenty of cushion instructions out there if you search!

I hope you enjoyed making this free crochet cushion pattern and I would love to see your finished cushions on Instagram so feel free to tag me @crochetlovemelbourne

Find all of my PDF crochet patterns HERE!


Pattern is copyrighted to @crochetlovemelbourne and must not be reproduced in any form without my permission. You may sell items made from this pattern but please give me pattern credit, thank you.

This blog post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a very small commission at no extra cost to you if you order through a link. This helps me offer you these free patterns. Thank you for your support.



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