Phone holder cross body bag pattern



Looking for a quick easy crochet pattern for a useful gift? This will only take you a few hours and you can use any yarn in your stash although would recommend cotton or cotton/acrylic yarn.

Recently a lady I work with asked me to make her a little bag for her phone. I think these would make great little gifts for anyone really and this pattern is based on the measurements of my old Samsung phone, so I have also included measurements for more recent iPhones as well!

I didn’t want to do much sewing, so it is crocheted in the round to avoid a side seam. The only sewing involved is sewing on the handle and motif.

If you hate sewing, you can crochet the handle on with slip stitch and make a plain one without a motif, voila, no sewing! To make it even easier you could buy handles online to also avoid making and attaching the handle.


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