Quick and lacy crochet scrunchie pattern

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Here’s a super quick and lacy crochet scrunchie pattern that’s great as a small gift or a Christmas stocking stuffer. These are so fast to make that once you get the hang of them you can whip them up in minutes!


Find all my PDF crochet patterns here

I also made a YouTube tutorial for this pattern which you can find below 



This pattern uses US crochet terms


Upper beginner



Fingering weight/4 ply cotton 1 x 50 g ball

2.5 mm crochet hook


tapestry needle

1 elastic hairband



ch   chain

dc   double crochet

picot        sc, ch 3, sl st into the stem of the sc to form picot

prev previous

sc   single crochet

sk   skip

st   stitch

sl st   slip stitch



I don’t believe this is a gauge sensitive project so I have not put any gauge. Just make sure you use the yarn and hook mentioned above.


Start by working 50 sc into the centre of the hairband to cover the whole of the hairband then ss into the initial st to join round .

Samia Yarn

The number of stitches may differ according to the size of your hairband, just make enough stitches to cover the hairband, ideally the number should be divisible by 5.



Round 1: ch 1, work sc into every st, sl st to join.



Round 2: Ch 5, sk 2, sc into 3rd sc from hook, ch 3, sl st back into the post of the prev sc ( this makes a picot), *ch 4, sk 3, sc into 4th st from hook, picot, ch 2, sk 1, dc into next st, ch 2, sk 1, sc into next st.*

Repeat from * to * till last 2 sts, ch 2 and sl st to the 3rd st of the initial ch 5 of round to join.


 Round 3: Ch 1, sl st into first ch 5 loop from prev row, ch 5, sk ch/picot/ch and sc into next ch 4 loop from prev row. Ch 5, sk ch/picot/ch and sc into dc from prev row.

Continue in this manner working ch 5 and sc into either the ch 4 loop or the dc until the end of the round, sl st into first sc.


 Round 4: *Ch 5, sc into next ch 4 loop, picot* repeat from * to * till end of round, ch 5, sl st into first st of round to join.

Fasten off, weave in ends and you’re done ! Scrunchie all ready to gift or use! I hope you enjoyed making this Quick and lacy crochet scrunchie pattern!

Find all my PDF crochet patterns here





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Samia Yarn

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