Speckle Stitch Wash Cloth Pattern 



Crochet the speckle stitch wash cloth pattern for yourself or as a gift. They’re great added to some gorgeous soap or toiletries to make a special gift package for someone.
 The beauty of the tri color speckle stitch is that you can carry the colors up the sides, so you only have to sew in ends at the start and the finish. You might want to make some in more subdued neutrals. I know I certainly plan to make more in just two or three colors to use at home. 


Upper beginner 


st = stitch

ch= chain

dc = double crochet

hdc= half double crochet

sc= single crochet

sk = skip

ss = slip stitch




22 stitches per 4 inches ( 10 cm) x 8 rows per 4 inches ( 10 cm)


Approx 28 cm x 28 cm / 11 x 11 inches


PDF of this pattern with row by row photos is available on  etsy 


Row 1 : Ch 48 sts for 8 ply yarn, or 54 sts for 4 ply, turn ( for a different size, chain the number of stitches to obtain the desired length and make sure it is a multiple of 6)

Row 2 : (Color 1 ) ch 3,  dc 1 into 3rd ch (ch 2 counts for 1st dc), *ch 2, sk 2 sts, dc 2*  repeat from * to * till last two stitches, dc 2. In the 2nd dc, as you pull through the yarn for the final part of the stitch, take the next color (color 2). Then pull through the final loop of the dc to join the new color ready for the next row.

Row 3 : ( color 2) Ch 2, 1dc into missed stitches of row 1, to cover 2ch space. Continue repeating * sk 2, ch2 , dc 2  into 2 ch space below across the row.* At end of row hdc into ch 2 turning ch of previous row.

TIP : Carry yarn up the sides of the work by putting the yarn colors from below rows over the top of the new color before you work the row.

Row 4 : (If using another color join color 3, if not just repeat previous rows) ch 1, *dc 2 into dc 2 of row 1 below, sk 2, ch 2* repeat from * to * to last 2 stitches, dc 2

Row 5 : Start again from row 2, working dc 2 into the dc 2 from row 3 below.

Rows 6-49 : Continue repeating rows 2-5 until you have your desired length. For me it was 49 rows (preferably a square). Colors can be varied  as long as each row has a different color.

Row 50: *Ch 2,  sc 2 into missed stitches in row below to cover ch 2 spaces below * repeat from * to * to end (Make sure the first and last row are worked in the same color)



Row 1: With the same color you used for the first and last row, crochet this row only on the two vertical sides where the threads are carried up

 *ch 2, sc into chain turning loop of each horizontal  row on the sides of the cloth * repeat from * to *  till end, then ss to join to corner where horizontal row begins, fasten off and weave in end (repeat on opposite side)

Row 2: Hdc in each stitch around, approx 52 stitches each side, plus hdc   2 into each corner stitch. If you have more or less stitches on each side, increase or decrease evenly. Make sure you have the same number of stitches on each side by the last row. The number of stitches doesn’t really matter, however it’s better if each side has the same number to look even.

Row 3: Sc into each stitch around with sc 2 ( you can also work into the back loop only which gives nice definition) at each corner. Fasten off with an invisible join and weave in all ends. Steam block to a neat square shape.

I hope you enjoyed making this speckle stitch wash cloth pattern !

Find all of my crochet patterns in my etsy 

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