Valentine’s Day heart upcycled gift box crochet pattern


Need a free and fast crochet Valentine’s Day gift idea ? Crochet this easy, no-sew gift box cover to reuse an old box and then you can put some goodies inside ! I purchased chocolate hearts but you could also cook up some treats to make it even cheaper. It’s a beginner crochet project with a full video tutorial you can find below and for those who like a PDF there is also one available. Add or subtract rows to make it fit whatever cardboard box you may have lying around the house.

I hope you enjoy making this project and please tag me on social media with your projects, I would love to see them. Happy Valentines !


A PDF is also available HERE 

This pattern uses US crochet terms

Skill Level 

Upper Beginner ( stitches : single crochet, double crochet )


3.00 mm crochet hook ( if you use sport / 5 ply yarn )

2.5 mm crochet hook

Note : If you use DK / 8 ply / category 3 weight yarn go up a hook size for both hooks 

tapestry needle


stitch marker ( optional )

Color 1 ( C1) Pink

Color 2 (C2) White

Approximately 110 yards / 100 metres / 30 grams of any yarn.

I used Hobbii Rainbow Bamboo cotton which is sport weight / 5 ply, but it doesn’t really matter which yarn weight as long as you adjust accordingly the number of rounds to fit your box size.

A smallish cardboard box with a lid

( I recycled an old box which was 4″ x 4 ” / 10 cm x 10 cm)

white glue ( optional, I didn’t need to use it, you can if you wish )


double crochet clusters

2 ” x 2 ” ( 5 cm x 5 cm ) = (4 clusters of 3) dc x 6 rows

single crochet

2 ” x 2 ” (5 cm x 5 cm ) = 12 stitches x 20 rows ( 4 rows/ .5 inch)


ch chain

dc double crochet 

sc  single crochet

sl st slip stitch

sp  space

st  stitch


Finished Measurements 

My box is 4 ” x 4 ” ( 10 cm x 10 cm ) however any box can be used. Just work more or less rounds to fit your size box before you work the BLO and sc rounds.


Top of box

( Rounds 1 & 2 are crocheted as a typical granny square, skip these steps if you already know how to do this, work two rounds and move to round 3.)

Beginners can also crochet along with me in the video below.

Round 1

Using C1 ( color 1) Ch 4, sl st to join circle.

Ch 2, dc 2 into ring (ch 2 counts as a dc), *ch 1, dc 3 into ring* repeat three more times from * to *, sl st into the first ch 2 to join into a square.


Round 2

Ch 2, dc 2 into first corner space below ch 2.

* ( dc 3, ch 1, dc 3 ) into next space to form corner *

Repeat from * to * two more times.

Dc 3 into first space, ch 1, sl st to the 2nd ch of the first ch 2 to complete the round.

LoveCraftsRound 3

Dc2 with C1 ( red in photo ), work half of 3rd dc, then join C2 by pulling  C2 yarn through the last 2 loops of 3rd dc.

Dc 3 with C2 into next space ( middle pale pink in  photo below ), then again pull  C1 through last 2 loops  and work dc 3, ch 1, dc 3 into corner space using C1 ( red left corner ).

Using C1 dc 3 into next sp changing to C2 as before in 3rd dc ( bottom left pale pink corner in photo ).

Work corner in C2, dc 3, ch 1, dc 3 changing back to C1 for next sp, dc 3 using C1 for this space ( bottom middle red ), changing to C1 in 3rd dc as before and work corner as before using C2 and changing to C1 in 3rd dc.

Finally using C1, work dc3 into next sp and dc 3 into the starting corner.


Round 4

Work one round in C2 working dc 3 into each space and dc 3, ch 1, dc 3 into corners. Join into starting space with sl st at end of round.

Rounds 5 & 6

Work two more rounds of the granny square as before in C2.


Round 7

Change to a 2.5 mm crochet hook. Sc into BLO around square, do not add extra stitches at corners, sl st to join round.

Rounds 8 -11

Ch 1, then crochet four rounds of sc worked in a spiral with no join at the beginning of the round, just continue to sc.

I changed the yarn colour in one version of my box covers, however I kept it the same in another version, so have a look at my photos and decide which you prefer here.

A stitch marker is optional after working the first stitch of the round if you want to keep track of the start and number of rounds.

In the final round join at the starting corner with an invisible join ( see video tutorial here if you do no know how to do an invisible join ).

At this point it is fine if work looks tight and puckered as it needs to be tight to stretch over the box lid snugly. try stretching the top of the box cover over the top of your box, if it fits snugly, well done!

If it doesn’t fit you may need to adjust the number of rows more or less depending on whether it is too big or too small. Mine did fit perfectly so it didn’t move, however you could also glue the cover to your box if you wanted to make it more secure.


  1. Box bottom cover

Rounds 1 -5

Work  a 5 round granny square using C1.

Round 6

Change to a 2.5 mm crochet hook. Sc into BLO around and sl st in the same manner as the top cover of the box.

Rounds 7 & 8

Two rounds of sc with sl st to join. In the final round join at the corner with an invisible join. Photos below illustrate the final rounds and how you stretch and add the bottom of the box cover onto the box.


Weave in any ends on the back of both sections.

Stretch to fit over the box top and box bottom. Adjust size if you need to add or subtract rows,

Fill with goodies!

Happy Valentine’s Day!     

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